Quartz backsplash around window

22.03.2021 By Kazisho

Designing Idea. Welcome to our guide to quartz backsplash kitchen designs including full-height, slabs, tiles, cost and popular types. These are a great addition if you want to avoid damaging your wall with the things that come through kitchens every day like staining splashes.

25 Trendy Window Backsplashes With Pros And Cons

You have plenty of options when it comes to the type of backsplash you might want as well. Table of Contents. There are a few different ways that you can make the most of a quartz backsplash. One thing to consider is how do you want to use quartz in your backsplash. Would a quartz tile backsplash fit or does your kitchen call for a quartz slab backsplash? A quartz slab backsplash is a solid piece or slab of quartz rather than broken down into smaller pieces. This can provide an even, smooth appearance unbroken by grout lines.

There are quite a few benefits to this as well as catering to personal preferences. The most talked-about benefit of a solid slab of quartz as a backsplash is that it offers a sense of luxury and modernity to a kitchen without an unreasonable price tag. The other option you have is a quartz tile backsplash. This type of quartz backsplash is made up of smaller tiles made up of quartz rather than using a solid slab.

However, tiles will suit certain home decor styles better than a slab might. For instance, a kitchen renovated in a rustic or farmhouse design may look more true to the interior design style to use tiles over slabs.

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See more types of kitchen backsplash on this page. A standard backsplash only extends partially above the counter — usually around 4 inches from the surface of your countertop. A full-height backsplash goes beyond this measurement. These usually either extend completely up the wall to sit flush against wall cabinets or even the ceiling, depending on what you prefer. This offers more total coverage of your wall, keeping it safe from splashes and spills while you cook.

This is important in a room such as a kitchen where mess is a pretty common concept. The cost of quartz backsplash, like many renovations, can vary depending on a few different factors. As such, it has a cost advantage over natural stone options like marble.

This is another concept that can vary based on whether you choose to use tiles or slabs.Hi, Guest Login Register. Need a little advice this morning fellas. I'm getting ready to install a tile backsplash in the kitchen between the counter and cabinets.

I have a window that I'll need to go around. What is normally done around the window trim? Do you cut the tiles to fit around the trim and caulk or grout the gap? Do you remove the windows apron and leave the sill so you don't have to mess with it at all?

I bought a tile saw many years ago so that would make cutting to the shape of the trim pretty easy probably. I've only ever installed tile on floors, so this whole wall installation thing is new territory for me.

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Sal LiVecchi Posts: Thats how I have done it in the past. I am guessing you are talking about a crown moulding style apron at the sill Sal. Life is too short and the road is too long to drive anything less than a Festool.

Holzhacker Posts: If you grout to the trim the grout seam will naturally crack and look lousy in short time. Color matched caulks are available for many grout colors at tile stores, don't know about big box stores since I don't buy tile there.

Depends on the type of trim and thickness of the apron. Modern thin trim, I would remove the apron, tile and then silicone it back on. That is if the apron doesn't end up too close to the edge of the sill.Call now for assistance: Visit our Virtual Yard. Having a stunning backsplash can truly complete any new countertop installation. Installing a backsplash can help prevent stains from getting on the walls behind your countertops.

As for quartz, the material is often used for countertops, backsplashes and many other fixtures around the house. Quartz is an engineered stone that is made by combining quartz mineral with polyester resin.

Although different brands will have different percentages, the composition of quartz is generally around 90 percent quartz mineral with the remaining 10 percent being polyester resin. Some brands may have up to 95 percent quartz mineral. Although it is not natural stone, quartz is a beautiful material. Some types are engineered to have the look of natural stones like granite or marble.

There are many colors and patterns you can choose from and customization is easily attainable. There are many reasons that you should choose a quartz backsplash. Despite having many appealing factors, quartz backsplashes, like those that are made of natural stone, are not perfect.

A quartz backsplash is not heat resistant, so make note of that if you are installing it in the kitchen. While this has less of an impact on a backsplash as it would a quartz countertop, you still want to exercise as much caution as possible.

Also, while quartz can imitate the look of natural stone, many homeowners find that there is no true replacement for granite, marble or any other type of natural stone. Having a full backsplash one that extends from your countertops up to your cabinets can truly create a visual impact in your home. Below are some stunning options that you have for quartz backsplashes. This material features a white base with elegant veining. The grey tone works well as a neutral color. The material is made to imitate the look of gemstone.

Quartz is a great option for a backsplash that will make both a visual and functional impact. Although there are only five types above, there are many more that you will be able to choose from. Installing a quartz backsplash may just put the finishing touch on your remodeling project. Call now for assistance: Visit our Virtual Yard.

Toggle navigation.I'm about to install a stone backsplash ivory quartzite in our new kitchen and I'm not sure how to best design the area around the window. The first photo is with sample quartzite pieces.

I created the second and third photos using Photoshop to clone the stone pattern to see what it might look like.

Do you think it looks nicer to go backsplash half height, or to go up to the entire arch full height? For the window ledge I'm thinking about using leftover countertop material, so the ledge would match the countertop.


All the way up into the arch is a better look IMO. Ask the supplier how to seal the product and how often to seal. Use a non-enhancing sealer so that it does not change the color.

I agree with some of the others that recommend going all the way up the wall with the tile. I also was looking at this type of stone mix for my kitchen.

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I decided to use a smaller stone type of tile that didn't have as much depth and a smoother finish so that it wouldn't be so dated. This type of stone seems to be so popular these days, I wanted something that could go another 40 years.

Subway tile and glass was certainly off my list. I did use the type of stone you are using to tile up an entry way wall though and inserted a shelf between the stone. Much better space for this large clunky tile and was a great way to dress up a small space of plain old drywall in my foyer. To "Tile Backsplash" or not to "Tile Backsplash"??? BackSplash suggestions, please :. Do I need a backsplash around the entire kitchen? Need to decide back-splash ASAP. I think that natural stone is a classic, timeless look -- beautiful.

I've had it in my kitchen for a year and a half.So we're doing slab MSI Calcutta Verona on counters and backsplash, full height behind range, but around the kitchen window is a little tricky. Thought about doing all the way up, but just started to get too expensive and didn't love the idea of mitering all of those edges around the window This might be a stupid question and I still need to verify with fabricator as to how we do this, but do they automatically plain down the backsplash or do I need to specify that-we still have time so I wanted to ask here first.

This is one of those things you don't come across until you're "in the field", but the kitchen window is new, and our contractor says the trim needs to go on first and then they come in and template and the slab will just butt up agains the trim, but I don't want the slab to stick out further than the window trim, which it would if we don't plain it down we're doing 3cm edgesso I'm not sure if they leave it the same for the backsplash or automatically plain it down?

I will discuss it when they're templating, but thought it was worth asking others who have done the slab backsplash, worried about the added cost to plain down that entire wall piece. The other wall terminates into the fridge encasement so it's not an issue.

Thanks for any advice! How should stone backsplash flow around the window area? Is this backsplash too modern for transitional style? Slab backsplash behind cooktop, tile around it?

quartz backsplash around window

I'll post a pic, but it turns out you can order thinner slabs which is what they did for the backsplash and still plain down further if need be. Our counter guy came and meticulously templates everything so he was able to factor in all of the trim Your kitchen looks beautiful.

We are in the process of updating our kitchen and are also using our quartz countertop material as the backsplash.

I'm curious how they put the backsplash up around your range hood. Did they mitar around the vent or did they put the backsplash up first and you then secured the hood? Our hood is already up and because of the vent and soffit, there is no way we can remove it to put the backsplash up first.

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When they came yesterday to measure for just the countertop they mentioned that they do the backsplash before the vent typically and we would have to reattach the hood to the backsplash they also tried saying we had to remove the light rail molding at the bottom of the cabinets too for the backsplash but I pushed back on that. I understand that it would be the easier way to cut the molding to butt up to the backsplash, however that to me doesn't look clean and as the molding is part of the cabinet it should go to the wall like the cabinet and not be cut short just because it's easier to not mitar around the molding.

I want to push back on the backsplash around and up the sides of the hood too but not sure if they will eventually do the work. I was amazed when they came in with the counters, our countertops only have one seam! I would go with whatever the stone folks say, they know best as to what they'll need to install it correctly, and for it to look right.

Just my two cents : good luck! Clow the rug is from Rejuvenation and the sectional is custom Crate and Barrel. We actually just went with the stock white through the semi-custom cabinet manufacturer, there was a warm white too creamy and ice type white, I wanted it crisp and didn't have a need for a custom white because the ice white sample looked good with all of our other swatches.

The wall color is BM Pale Oak, with bright white trim, which helps the cabinets pop. I do think a custom paint job can provide a yummier texture and finish, just something I've thought about after the fact because we have a custom vanity in our master that seems smoother, but it's a rich blue gray which might be why it feels more luxurious?

With white kitchen cabinets and two hound dogs I'm sure the cabinets will need to be repainted at some point anyway LOL, so we'll see if a custom white feels any different.

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Sign In. Join as a Pro. Send a Houzz Gift Card!Wondering how high up the wall to take your kitchen backsplash tile? Every kitchen is different, but often the trickiest spot to figure out where you want your backsplash tile to end is around your kitchen window.

Another option is to end the tile lower down.

quartz backsplash around window

And what if you have open shelving? So many options — which look is your favorite? Do you like the look of backsplash tile going all the way up to the ceiling or do you prefer to end it lower down?

Let me know what you think!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I hope against hope we can start our kitchen renovation next year and in addition to adding a wall of windows behind the sink I really want to take the backsplash tile all the way up to the ceiling in this space. It just looks so classy! I would agree to stop the tile lower if not.

Love the look of both! I love the look of the tile right to the ceiling. Good point on the height of the top cupboards, though. Looking forward to your reveal. What if your backsplash is going to be beadboard and same color White Dove as cabinets? Hope that helps! Thanks Kris! Does that make a difference?

I love the look of the backsplash to the top! We are building a new home — glad I saw this idea! I love the diamond set window — will be putting these as accent windows above and seperate from lower window with frame around it.

Where did you order these windows? Our kitchen is part of a very open floor plan, so our kitchen wall, with a large, gorgeous window, ends and the wall turns to the dining room. Will it look strange to have the kitchen wall tiled all the way up and the dining wall on the other side of the corner painted?

quartz backsplash around window

Wow, that is really hard to explain! Hi Heather — I think I know what you mean! What did you end up doing? I have the same situation with the kitchen wall continuing into the dining room and I want to have the tile in the kitchen go up to the ceiling. Our remodel starts in a few months! Hi there! I love the look of bringing the subway tile all the way up and around the window over the sink. What do you think? My cabinets go to the ceiling but I wanted as large of a window as possible, which is why there is not enough room on top of the window molding for tile.

In our case we have floating shelves and put the tile up to one tile width below the bottom shelf. The tile guys finished it off nicely with a pewter strip all the way around. I agree! It also seems softer to go this route.

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It seems more busier to have the tiles go all the way up.When no side splash is really needed, don't do it! It just kind of hangs up there in mid-air without a proper place to stop. This big side splash was not needed in this butler's pantry with no running water in it. This side backsplash was ripped out on one of my jobs. The tile installer went a little crazy wrapping the corner and didn't look at my specs.

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The backsplash visually blends in with the countertop, making it feel married to that. And it doesn't end up being so high up on the wall, all by itself. Designer: Kay Douglass via South of Market. Image via: Design Sponge. Image via: Remodelista. Image via: Country Living. As I always say Transitioning materials on an inside corner is always best.

Thank you! Click on the link and it downloads right here. No side backsplash needed here in this kitchen remodel designed by Carla Aston, Photographer: Tori Aston. Check out this content upgrade on backsplashes, available in my outlet shop. I've written so many posts about them, including Designed in a Click reader Q and A example posts, that I can't keep track of what I've written. If you need a guide to help you make some decisions on your backsplash design, you should check it out.

See what I mean? Side backsplash with awkward ending sidesplash tilebacksplash. View fullsize. The link pops up right here! No side splash needed in this kitchen remodel, Designer: Carla Aston.