Riving knife for ridgid table saw

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By winglessFebruary 7, in Ridgid. These were sold for a very short time at Home Depot in early Mine is a very nice example that I purchased used. The top has three sections, there is a center part, plus two side wings.

The tool includes a pair of heavy-duty support rails embedded into both sides of the top to hold each side wing, that also include adjustment set screws to get the side wings flush and coplanar to the center panel. Everything about this tool is heavy duty. The tool mass is well north of lbs. The granite top is the obvious weight contributor. Looking "behind the curtains" reveals that the mechanism is made of large machined cast iron sections.

That construction contributes to the mass, strength and stability of the tool. The rip capacity is 30" to right of blade and 20" to left of blade. There is a voluntary CPSC recall on the early serial number saws because the motor shaft would fail when using a dado blade.

Mine is a later serial number that isn't affected. My tool also has a nice custom-made side shelf, that is handy to hold the rip fence. My tool has the 2. I remember Matt Vanderlist getting a granite topped saw from another manufacturer Steel City and he loved it till he got his sawstop. It actually sounds like a really cool table. That sleeve has an exposed 14mm hex head, like a nut, shown in the image adjacent to the block.

The rotation of that sleeve brings the worm gear shaft closer or further to the pinion gear. When I rotated the sleeve to bring the pinion gear closer to the rack gear this restored normal full-swing operation of the tilt mechanism.

On mine, it took a breaker bar, a 14mm crowfoot wrench and massive force to break the 9-year stationary eccentric free. Once free, a regular combination wrench permitted normal rotation for the proper setting. Please remember to block the motor during this adjustment so it doesn't fall suddenly if the gears disengage!!!

One of the modifications was an adhesive foam strip weatherstrip, on the large door, between the saw stand box and the door.

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Instead the original screw, which was now too short, was just pushed harder and screwed to grab enough threads, breaking the plastic. This West System epoxy is great. I've used this for many projects. I use my digital scale, tare the cup, add the resin, divide the mass by five, multiply by six, then drip in hardener until the scale shows the correct mass.

After about an hour, before the epoxy was fully hard, but while it had stopped running, the tape was removed and any leakage was scraped away. Those now fit fine. The screwed-closed door seals fine without the foam weatherstripping, added by the PO, that I removed. The gap is not air tight, but the air leakage is minimal. The saw includes two brackets on the lower left side of the cabinet for hanging the rip fence, the sliding miter gauge and the throat plate.

The saw also includes a hook, for hanging the riving knife missing the blade guard and the two blade wrenches. The Ridgid R has a 4" dust collection port, as part of the bottom dust tray, on the bottom rear of the tool. One of those prior modifications was blocking the large opening on the top of the side door, adjacent to the bottom of the bed.

The dust collection is being examined by me. Part of that examination is looking at internal airflow and internal dust accumulation patterns. One thing I noticed is very little internal accumulation near the arc shaped opening on the front panel, near the tilt pointer. Another is, greater internal dust accumulation at the corners, where lesser airflow exists.Part Number: Ships in 1 - 14 business days.

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riving knife for ridgid table saw

Continue Shopping Proceed to Checkout. Search within model. Page A. Add to Cart.What in the world is a riving knife? Just the one thing that might save you from a very bad day in the shop. For those who have never experienced kickback on a table sawwe can assure you that at a minimum it will set your heart pounding.

At the worst, it will suck your hand into the spinning blade and send your fingers flying, or perhaps embed a piece of wood in your chest or forehead. Riving knives mitigate such catastrophes by preventing the stock from touching the blade as it rotates up out of the table.

It only takes a few milliseconds to suffer a life-altering injury, so be safe out there. Come to think of it, table saws belong to the steam and belts age along with bulky motors made for continuous use. I think it makes sense to have two handgrips opposite of the blade with the stock held in place.

I would like to see a hack for a rail guided portable saw and drive. Place stock line under laser line and clamp down. Press run! Table only has to be as big as the stock, not twice as long for safe motion as with a table saw. Balancing the stock and moving it on that table is asking for trouble and sloppy cuts.

A good miter saw will do that too. For table saws just use sleds.

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As others have pointed out panel saw are very useful for breaking down sheet goods but cheap ones can be a bit limited in their cuts. Check out the Mafell Erika, which is a super-nice German contractor table saw, basically, except the saw is on a rail so you can either push your work through as usual, or pull the blade through the stationary work.

I want one very much. Automating the pull is up to you. For big cuts, a circular saw on a guide is hard to beat. See Festool, but also Bosch or others.

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Is this a German thing? There used to be a product called the BORK bolt on riving knife that seems to have gone away when the owner had a health problem. I need to add one to my say as it has something similar but its behind the table so too far from the blade to do anything.

Ok, I use table saws all the time and there are 2 primary things that will keep your fingers on your hands. I mean all the power of the saw is having at it. Kick back is a multi-step process which starts with the blade getting an unexpectedly larger chunk than the last chunk it took. But that unexpected chunk is just a little more. If the user is paying attention, the push stick prevents that amplification. The usual kickback cause is a piece of material caught between the fence and the blade.Shopping Cart.

Ridgid R4516 Table Saw Parts

Submit Search. Sign in Sign in with Password. Cart Shopping Cart 0 item s in your cart. Restore a saved shopping cart. Ridgid Parts. Grid is 1-inch square. Watch The Repair Video. Riving Knife. Part Number: Add to Cart.

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Ships within 1 business day. Repair Instructions. Shipping: Ships Worldwide. Description: It is a genuine item that is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer for use with Ridgid table saws.

Riving Knife

The riving knife system provides superior control over the material while cutting. It is an identical replacement for a missing or a damaged component that was installed on a new unit. Note, this high-quality riving knife assembly is made of durable metal and is sold individually. Warning: California's Proposition Compatibility This part is compatible with the following machines: Ridgid.

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riving knife for ridgid table saw

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Ask Another Question. Continue Shopping. Riving Knife - The importance of a riving knife can not be underestimated! If you have ever worked with circular saws then you know what I am talking about.

Saw Guard with Front Riving Knife

Without it one of the most terrifying thing called kickback can easily occur. My Makita MLT contractor table saw came with a riving knife but this one had had one big flaw that really annoyed me. To fix this issue I made a completely new one and I would like to share how I did it with you! This project is nothing really special or complicated but I hope that someone will find it useful. As I said my original riving knife had one big flaw.

It was caused by it being too tall. Yeah, I know that you are supposed to use all the safety features that come with the table saw, but I personally find it much safer when I actually see the blade at all times.

The height of the riving knifed was a big pain in the buttocks. I could only make through cuts as the knife prohibit the workpiece from moving forward. It also blocked the movement of my table saw sled. Every time I wanted to use my slede or make a groove cut I had to remove the knife.

It took quite a bit of time and I did not feel too comfortable sticking my hand inside the saw next to the blade to remove the thing. At one point it was too much for me and I decided to spend a few hours to make a new riving knife. I did not really want to just cut the old one shorter as I might want to use it's features in the future probably not, though.

riving knife for ridgid table saw

Use your already existing riving knife to trace out the shape of a new knife. It is a good idea to clean the metal with acetone before you start marking as it will remove any oil and dust that is on the metal. There is also a good chance that you do not have an old knife to use as a template. In that case, I can think of two possibilities.

Or you get the template from someone like a person from woodworking forum or maybe the manufacturer might even send you one. The height of the knife should be just a tiny bit shorter than the height of the saw blade. After that, it is a good idea to also use metal files to smoothen the rough edges. I also like to paint everything that is even remotely dangerous red so I would stay more alert around it.

So I did also with my new riving knife. Be sure to use acetone to clean the blade thurally before applying the paint. Now I can make grooved cuts and the sled works also perfectly. And also it does not stick out from the table when the blade is fully retracted.

I can now easily slide my fence over without bumping into it. Question 18 days ago. I have the same table-saw but I lost my original riving knife, could you please share the schematics or even roughly the dimensions of the knife so I can make a new one please? Answer 10 days ago. Reply 10 days ago. Reply 9 days ago. Answer 16 days ago. Thanks for this. I have exactly the same problem with the riving knife on my table saw. Never occured to me to make a new one - dumb or what?Specifically, it is the difference between the probability that the observed data are in the same order for the two variables versus the probability that the observed data are in different orders for the two variables.

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Riving Knife

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