Scheduled caste list in maharashtra

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Maharashtra is one of state in India with population of According to the State Censusthe most populated state in India is Uttar Pradesh with a population of Nagaland is one of state in India with population of Maharashtra is a state located in western India. Its population is , which makes it the second most populous state behind Uttar Pradesh. List of districts of Maharashtra with Population, Literacy rate, According to districts, the Thane district of Maharashtra displays the highest population with a population figure of … child sex ration age less than 6 years of Maharashtra is at which is North District district of Sikkim has total population of 43, as per the Census Andhra Pradesh.

He claimed that caste-wise census was needed as more than half of the Indian population belong to backward and most backward communities. Scheduled Caste Population Maharashtra: vThere are 1,32,75, persons reported as belonging to Scheduled Castes of which 67,67, are males and 65,08, are females.

The total literate divided into 35 districts zilla which act as the is the largest district of Maharashtra by population, while the Thane Total area of Maharashtra issquare km. The Census recorded As per details from CensusHimachal Pradesh has a population of In Maharashtra out of total population, 49, were Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh sent for testing. Maharashtra forms 9. The total figure of population Caste being a sensitive issue, the demand for conducting caste-based census is likely to stir up serious debate.

On the recommendations of the GoM, the Cabinet, in its meeting on 9th September,decided inter-alia to conduct caste enumeration, as a separate exercise after the Population Enumeration phase of the Census was over, from the month of June, and complete it in a phased manner by September, In there were total 8, families residing in North District district.

Also the CER is entirely led, organized, and operated by undergraduate students at Columbia across a multitude of academic disciplines.

List of Scheduled Castes

The population of Maharashtra as per the census iscompared to 96, in the census. Caste-wise enumeration will not be taken up in the census, the Director of Census Operations, Tamil Nadu, has clarified in a letter to an advocate following a Madras High Court order.

Sc , St , OBC , VJ , NT म्हणजे काय ? Real Prime Videos

The density of Maharashtra state in the current decade is per sq mile.All categories and people are very sensitive on the reservation of cast because reservation is available everywhere such as admission to educational institutions, jobs, scholarships etc.

As mentioned in the previous article, we have given list of all castes other than OBC cast list in Maharashtra, if you have not read that post or you come in that category, then you can know about reservation of your caste.

OBC category is the largest number of castes in the whole of maharashtra. All the OBC category subcaste list have been given names in the table below. In this you can know how much OBC reservation percentage is and how much subcast is available in Maharashtra State in the list of other backward classes caste is included. If you checking central list of obc caste, check it here to all state wise result for other backward classes sub caste complete information.

scheduled caste list in maharashtra

There were a total of castes across Maharashtra, some of which have been deleted and now all the sub castes given below in the other backward category are included in the below Other Backward Cast list. By accepting cast list from the other backward classes the OBC caste list Maharashtra commission it will also be seen on the obc caste central government website, which has been linked above.

You can search by writing the name of caste or community in this Other Backward Castes category. After any official changes made by national commission for backward classes website the Obc Caste List Maharashtra has changed by us on regular basis. Now drop your questions, suggestions here if any OBC cast name is wrong or if it has not been added to this other backward classes list then what is it? The changes made by the other Backward Classes Commission can be changed from time to time, so bookmark this article of OBC Category list now.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Table of Contents.So the provision for reservation got here to furnish justice to such people. It ought to be stored in thinking that the policy of reservation is a lengthen notion since pre-independence it is prevailing in our society.

In ancient period according to Hindu subculture, the society was once divided into 4 varnas which had its origins in the Rig Veda. The Brahmins secured the absolute high-quality region of honour and repute in society they have been viewed as educated category accompanied by skills followed by the Kshatriya warriors type followed through the Vaishya the enterprise category at the backside has been the Shudras whose responsibility was to supply help to the above three classes.

To reply this query we should first apprehend why the want for the reservation has arisen. The exploited disadvantaged caste were denied any kind of sovereign, socio-economic, political and spiritual rights. They were denied any customary rights and even educational institutions have been closed for them. They were pressured to live in small segregated and unhygienic condition.

Example: Mahar the untouchable caste have been forced to tie a broom with their back so that their footprint got erased when they walk accordingly it is evident that even their shadow was once believed to be untouchable.

Even nowadays if one is getting beaten up or one has been raped or if one is not allowed to sit down in bus or one is now not allowed to enter in temple or mosque or one is now not allowed to function the last rites of his family member due to the fact he belongs to a particular caste or sub-caste.

From such atrocities, the backwardness of such a populace can be estimated. So in order to compensate and overcome the disabilities for the historical denial castes and have shield in opposition to caste exploitation the solution has to be designed on the basis of caste only.

During the government of India actagenda caste appeared. The practice of this strategy leads to a certain stigma:. It means that one form of debarring leads to another kind of deprivation. Further adding to them: poverty, ill-health, disability, etc. Such a living example of inequality is to be found nowhere. No where at no point of time in the history of the world can we find such inequality which is more intense than untouchability….

Because of the consistent practice, some multipotential people are deprived of possibility at one-of-a-kind stages and this has resulted the wrong people in unsuitable occupation, also the Nation has been deprived of making use of such talents. Therefore the inflexible caste mechanism acts as a barrier to top of the line productivity. Because of untouchability, the sentiments of the fraternity are slowly disappearing and hostility, hate, crime against dalits have taken their place.

Cases preventing a dalit from using public space and social boycott were reported from Maharashtra, Himachal, Punjab, UP. The self-image of the minorities has damaged it has inculcated inferiority complexion, lack of self-assurance which straight away assaults the personal growth of such castes.

Untouchability is a black spot on the Hindu society. It is included under part lll of the constitution which guarantees the basic fundamental rights right to equality.

By virtue of article 35 parliament has the power to enact the laws for abolition of untouchability. Under this parliament enacted the following acts:.This scheme is known as ramai Aawas gharkul Yojana In this housing scheme or Awas Yojana the poor people who belong to schedule caste and Scheduled Tribes, Buddhist St and SC category are included so that they can get benefit from the scheme.

The Social Justice Department has sanctioned around 1.

Maharashtra Obc Caste List Reservation Wise Complete Information.

The Maharashtra government has set the target to provide 51 lakh houses in the scheme to the poor people of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra Gharkul Yojana List or Ramai Awas Yojana List pdf has been provided by the government which you can check in the below given information. The Ramai Awas Gharkul Yojana list has been released and updated on the online portal by the government of Maharashtra. So the people who have applied for this scheme can check their name in the Gharkul Yojana beneficiary list You will have to visit the official website to check your name on the list.

The Maharashtra government has provided housing scheme to the poor people of Maharashtra who do not have their own homes. This Yojana AIMS at providing houses to the poor people who belong to the scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe Buddhist categories in the state of Maharashtra.

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Maharashtra government has stated that the government aims at providing benefit the economic weaker section of the state and by this the state will climb more stairs of the progress. Interested beneficiaries who want their own home in the state of Maharashtra will have to apply under this scheme by visiting the official website of Ramai Awas Yojana.

The selection of the beneficiaries will be done by the the gram panchayat. Gram Panchayat publishes the permanent waiting list on the notice board of Gram Panchayat.

scheduled caste list in maharashtra

It should be known that only the citizen who belong to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled tribe and Neo Buddhist can apply under the scheme to get the benefit. The scheme provides a number of benefits to the applicants. Here are some of the benefits which you can avail if you fall under the the requirements of the Yojana:.

All the beneficiaries who have applied under the Ramai Awas Yojana can check their name in the Gharkul yojana new list Maharashtra by following the step-by-step process:. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Maharashtra Sarkar Yojana. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Even today, many people are seen asking in the forum or social media where all the state of maharashtra caste list will be able to see us.

Shortly before, a reservation bill proposal was approved in Parliament, which is named Maratha Reservation.

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In this post, we have mentioned the percentage of the Maratha reservation which has also been included in this Mh cast list. This post will be suitable for those who want information about Maharashtra caste list. We have collected all caste list of Maharashtra state, which is added to the table with sub-category in different categories as per the mh governmet reservation. If you come from Maharashtra State, then all types of castes have been written in easy language on this cast list.

Do you know which reservation is given by maharashtra government at any place? If not, then you should know about your rights.

Tables on Individual Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST)

You can know the rights of given reservation in maharashtra through the mh cast list List Of Caste In India! According to the Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes Order Amendment Act asas mentioned in Part 10 of Annexure 1, the list of sc category is like this for the state of Maharashtra. So in this way, the maharashtra caste list is given to all cast aarakshan belonging to the Scheduled Castes category for state of mh.

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As soon as there is any change in the list of SC category backward classes, they will be included in the Sc Cast list. Throughout Maharashtra, castes in the OBC community fall into other backward classes.

In the OBC cast list in maharashtra, you will know which number of castes it comes on. You can download other backward category castes in the Marathi surnames and caste list.

For the OBC reservation, what percentage of profit has been given by the govt. So far there are 47 castes and sub castes in the Sc category. In this way, Scheduled tribes caste list in maharashtra is given above. VJNT caste is also known as a separate name which has been given below. All this caste list and surnames have been added to this article. As mentioned above, what is the Vjnt caste list of maharashtra and how much reservation is given to Vimukta Jati Nomadic Tribes caste.

Many visitors ask me personal, what is nt caste meaning in marathi, if you do not know then learn is this nomadic tribe and also included in vjnt category. There is a 2.However, there are many distinct Gavli castes in Maharashtra and Dhangar Gavli is one of them. The word " Dhangar " is inscribed in a Buddhist cave in Pune district of Maharashtra. It is believed that this inscription has its origin between the first and the third century AD. Multiple theories have been proposed for the origin of the word Dhangar.

It may be associated with a term for "cattle wealth". Bhagwan Lal Indraji maintains that it is derived from Sanskrit word Dhang which means hill. Dana is the tadbhava of Dhana, which comes from Go-dhana which means cattle in Sanskrit. Patti in Tamil would mean cowstall, sheepfold, a measure of land sufficient for sheepfold, cattle pound, a hamlet, a village, a place.

He observes that Hatti-Karas are descendents of Patti-Janas, people who were settled in the south of Narmada River during the middle ages. This region was called Hatta-Desa. Initially there were twelve tribes of Dhangar, and they had a division of labour amongst brothers of one family.

These twelve tribes later formed three sub-divisions and one half-division. The half-division is called Khatik butcher. All sub-castes fall in either of these divisions. The archaeological evidence and ethnographic data suggest that the contemporary Dhangar castes are the result of more than one migration from North-West Indiabetween and BC.

The density and distribution patterns of the different groups of Dhangars seem to have been guided by the suitability of the region for the sustenance of the animals that they traditionally maintained and the products of those animals on which the specific groups subsisted. Whereas HatkarZende, Thellari and Dange trace their origin to a single caste in the remote past, Shegars or Sagar Rajputs claim that they have nothing to do with the Dhangars and are descendents from Rajputs of Rajasthan.

Ahirs speak " Ahrani ", also known as Gavli boli[15] a mixed dialect of Gujarati and Marathi and are closely related to the Ladshe and Dange who have supposedly come from Gujarat. Telangi speaks Telugu and probably migrated from Andhra Pradeshthe remaining groups speak Marathi. The Khatiks are said to have derived from Khutekars. However, Hatkars in Sangli district also maintained cattle and some Zendes used to maintain ponies. Thellaris herded both sheep and cattle.

Sangars were weavers of woolen blankets. Dhangars were also known for producing fine breeds of cattle and ponies. Khillari cattlea mixture with a breed of Mysorewas pioneered by a Dhangar of Nashik named Gowdia who owned cattle in Mysore state. It is believed that their superior excellence is due to the Dhangar's practice of castrating them. Dhangars are noted for their martial qualities. However, Bargi or Bande Dhangar is a distinct sub-caste from them.

Hatkars were a dread to others and even Nizam was afraid of them. It is on the historical record that for restraining the Hatkars, Nizam had sought help from the British Indian army.

To this original cause may perhaps be ascribed that great simplicity of manner which distinguishes the Maratha people". In fact, the word " Maratha " in its narrower use is applied to a society in which Rajputs or quasi- Rajputsat the top, with Kunbis farmersDhangars shepherdsand Goalas cowherds practise hypergamy, each group taking wives from the one below, causing a superfluity of women at the top and a scarcity at the bottom of the social scale.

The word Yadava does not have known Indo European etymology. According to Franklin Southworthit might be of Dravidian origin, meaning "herder".

He further claims that Yadava is the original word and mythical Yadu is derived from Yadava by back-formation. These families elevated their traditional pastoralist god Vitthal into a form of Vishnu - Krishna and accorded high prestige to his worship.

Seuna Yadavas and Hoysala Yadavas were originally pastoralists, and ruled Marhatta and Karnataka respectively. Apart from Seunas and Hoysalas, Vijayanagara Empire 's founders of the Sangama dynasty[39] Pallavas[40] [41] Rashtrakutas of Malkhedand rulers of Pakanadu and Kammanadu also claimed Yadava lineage.

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scheduled caste list in maharashtra

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